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Xiegu X6100 Firmware Upgrade (20220117)

New firmware version information is as follow after upgrade:
APP : V1.1.2 Jan 17 2022,16:31:45
BASE : V1.1.2 Jan 17 2022,15:44:18
Note: This upgrade is important. Please read the following details carefully.


2022.01.17 Upgrade Log | CLICK HERE to download.

1. In-machine coulometer is enabled to manage battery cell. After the upgrade, the battery capacity, rather than battery voltage, measured by the coulometer is taken as management data. Precautions are as follows:
   1.1) After upgrading firmware, please fully charge and discharge the battery for successive 4 times, after which the measurement of the coulometer will be accurate.
After just upgrading the firmware, the error of electric quantity displayed is large before the 4 charges and discharges as mentioned above, so it can be ignored. The charging process shall be kept continuous until the charging instruction indicates it has been completed, which is conducive to the accurate measurement of the capacity by the coulometer.
   1.2) The status of the upgraded charging indicator light is as follows:
      Flashing: charging
      Normally on: charging completed
      Off: once the charging option is disabled in the menu, the indicator light will not be off.
   1.3) When the electric quantity is below 10% after the upgrade, the battery icon is displayed in red with an empty interior, and the device will automatically shut down.
   1.4) Battery voltage is no longer taken as the basis of low power.
2. Parameter adjustment in GEN menu is changed to non-circulating, which can be switch by rotating the large knob to left or right.
3. DFL menu logic is fixed. Press other menus to exit after entering DFL menu.
4. Preset message transmission function is added (available for W, PS and RTTY).
5. CW decoding algorithm is adjusted.
6. Start screen is changed to LOGO+model.
7. Bluetooth device connection logic is optimized (there has been feedback about poor compatibility with Windows 10/11 64bit drivers).
8. The problem that label of axis X scanned by SWR does not upgrade is fixed.
9. The bandwidth of first group of filter of SSB is widened to 50-2950Hz(2.9k).
10. The problem of save failure after adjusting the filter is fixed.
11. Indicator string under AGC mode is simplified to AGC-A,AGC-F,AGC-S,AGC--.
12. Indicator string 'FIL-X' of current filter bank is added, which is below VFO frequency.
13. LSB-DIG and USB-DIG strings are simplified to L-DIG and U-DIG.
14. Hand microphone button function is enabled.
   14.1) SPCH/LOCK: short press=lock/unlock larger impeller; long press=none
   14.2) TUNER/CALL: short press=switch on/disconnect automatic antenna tuner; long press=enable automatic antenna tuner
   14.3) XFC: short press=switch VFO A/B; long press=copy VFO from foreground to background
   14.4) V/M: short press=switch VFO/MEMO mode; long press=none
   14.5) MW: short press=save VFO to current channel number; long press=none
   14.6) MODE: short press=LSB->L-DIG->USB->U-DIG->CW->CWR->AM->NFM circulation; long press=none
   14.7) FIL: short press=FIL1->FIL2->FIL3 circulation; long press=none
   14.8) UP: frequency+stepping position under VFO mode; next channel under channel mode
   14.9) DOWN: frequency-stepping position under VFO mode; last channel under channel mode
   14.10) F1/F2: allow setting custom functions in RADIO SETTING2
15. Standingwave meter fluctuation under no power and low power conditions is fixed.
16. Maximum output power under external power supply condition is improved.
17. System startup sequence is optimized.
18. NR algorithm is optimized.
19. System data structure is optimized.
20. Display screen backlight adjustment level is optimized. There are 5 levels available when using battery and 10 levels available when using external power supply.


2021.12.30 Upgrade Log | CLICK HERE to download.

App: Version number V1.1.2 Dec 30 2021,16:36:55
1. The frequency adjustment step is changed to 10, 100, 1000 Hz cycle.
2. The spectrum bandwidth is changed to 100kHz, 50kHz is adjustable in two levels.
3. Improved the Bluetooth scanning speed and shortened the time to scan peripheral devices after turning on Bluetooth.
4. Fixed the problem that the WIFI IP address and gateway address could not be displayed correctly.

Base: Version number V1.1.2 Dec 30 2021,15:37:48
1. Improved NR performance,the noise caused by the NR algorithm itself is eliminated.
2. Improved ALC performance,CW performance is improved.


2021.12.29 Upgrade Log | CLICK HERE to download

1. Added WIFI function
2. Added Bluetooth function
3. Fixed the bug that can not save the user selected filter group(1,2,3)
4. Optimized the ALC algorithm and corrected the problem of power rise slow.
5. Optimized the system settings.

Wi-Fi Operation Instructions
SCAN button: Scan for nearby hotspots (Access Point)
CONNECT/DISCONNECT: Connect/disconnect the hotspot in the list left.
EDIT: Edit the element be selected by the orange-focused object on the right.
CONFIG: The orange-focused object on the right selects the next one.
EXIT: Exit the interface.

BluetoothOperation Instructions
OFF/ON: Turn on/off the built-in Bluetooth adapter.
CONNECT/DISCONNECT: Connect/disconnect the Bluetooth device be selected in the list on the left.
EXIT: Exit the interface.
Note: When the built-in Bluetooth adapter is displayed as "ON", it will always scan the surrounding Bluetooth devices.


New firmware version information is as follow after upgrade:
APP : V1.1.0 Dec 6 2021,17:55:07
BASE : V1.1.0 Dec 7 2021,14:40:18

2021.12.07 Upgrade Log

1. Optimize the system audio configuration to eliminate distortion at high volume.
2. Optimized the frequency spectrum display effect and optimized the automatic adjustment function of the reference level.
3. Fixed the issue of the indicator light when radio is charging when turned off.
4. Fixed the issue of the antenna tunner.
5. Fixed the issue that unable to adjust the internal and external microphone volume.
6. Added 3 levels of spectrum bandwidth adjustment function.
7. Added low battery reminder function.
8. Added kHz bit adjustment, clear the bits of 100 Hz and below.

CLICK HERE to get the new firmware package including the upgrade guide.

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  • Dave Black

    Hi, I previously reported that I had a problem updating the BASE to V1.1.2 Dec 30 2021,18:50:28. APP V1.1.2 Dec 30 2021,16:36:55 had updated just fine. When I plugged the unit in, the BASE upgrade worked flawlessly. Seems the upgrade for BASE requires either a higher battery voltage or just needed to be plugged into external power. Either way it works just fine now. I’m quite excited about using all the features!

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