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Xiegu G90 HF Radio | SDR | QRP | Auto Antenna Tuner | 20W | Remote Head

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◆ Detachable Display Unit —— The display unit and the radio body can be separated. This allows you to place the head remotely. What's more, the radio is very compact.

◆ Wide Range Auto Antenna Tuner —— Unlike other QRP radios, the G90 has a wide-range internal automatic antenna tuner so you can load up your favorite field antenna!

◆ Beautiful Color LCD Screen —— All vital operating information is clearly visible in daylight conditions. 48KHZ wide spectrum display with waterfall gives you excellent awareness of the signal conditions around you.

◆ Easy to Use —— Intelligently designed, the most commonly used functions are on hardware buttons. Next you can use the Quick Menu function to access often-used functions.

◆ Firmware Updates——We do provide firmware updates to enhance the functions of the radio – at no cost. You can easily update the firmware yourself.

◆ Warranty Note —— We provide a 1 year warranty on the Xiegu G90. As usual, if you modify the radio's hardware, the warranty is void. (Note: The warranty is void right after you remove any part of the radio case without the agreement of our support team.)

Disclaimer: No License is required to purchase this radio, nor to Monitor (listen) to the many Amateur (Ham) Radio frequencies. However, an FCC License is required to Transmit (Talk) on Amateur Radio Frequencies in the USA. Please visit to learn more.

1. G90 Latest Firmware: V1.78b | CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
2. 2022 Firmware Update Instruction | CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
3. Radioddity Customers G90 FAQ | CLICK TO LEARN
4. Xiegu G90 CAT and Digital Mode V1.0 | CLICK TO LEARN

CLICK HERE to download the detailed user manual V4.2.1 provided by Radioddity.


The G90 is the first model of the new Xiegu G-series. It's a portable 20W HF 10-160 mtr. multimode transceiver. The G90 uses 24-bit digital architecture. It also includes an internal automatic antenna tuner. The G90 has excellent transmit and receive performance. It packs huge performance into a small portable package. The G90 has a removable display head that can be separated from the main body and connected via a DB-9 cable (provided with the radio). Both the radio's control head firmware and main body operating firmware can be user-updated using separate connectors on the head and body. The programming cable is provided.

FW Update Note
Please update the display unit first then the base. Also please note you must choose the 1k option in the file transfer menu. In the beginning, you have to press the space bar very quickly or it won't go into program mode.

G90 Main Features

HEAD screen MIC ear[ppiece

▶ Detachable Display Unit: The detachable display design allows you to customize your installation.
▶ Color LCD Display Shows: ±24khz bandwidth spectrum and waterfall. The sweep/refresh rate is very fast. The status of all functions are shown on the LCD display.
▶ Convenient Side Interface: The G90 uses a standard 3.5mm stereo jack (3-pin) for connecting headphones. Also on the control head is a Firmware update port.
▶ Multi-Function Mic: The microphone has two configurable and several dedicated function buttons.


▶ High-performance front end with narrowband pre-selectors
▶ Frequency range of 0.5-30MHz (TX in Amateur bands w/60 mtrs)
▶ SSB/CW/AM/FM* TX/RX modes
▶ 1.8-inch high brightness color TFT LCD screen
▶ ±24k bandwidth Fast-scan spectrum display with waterfall
▶ Fully adjustable RX bandpass filters (CW mode down to 50Hz)
▶ Detachable front panel/display unit
▶ Up to 20W of RF power
▶ Built-in wide-range automatic antenna tuner
▶ I/Q output for interfacing with a PC or XDT1 panadapter
▶ Built-in mediumwave (AM broadcast) high-pass filter.

• FM mode can only be turned on when the GSOC controller is used together.
• It's normal that G90 overheats if used for a long time.
• If you want to keep the power of G90 on 20W, the voltage must be in 13.8 V-15V. If the voltage is 13.8V below, the power would not be guaranteed and the driving kinetic energy would not enough.

Modes: SSB / CW / AM / FM *
RF Output Power: 20W (SSB/CW/FM), 5W (AM Carrier), 13.8VDC, stepping 0.5W
Receive frequency range: 0.5 MHz-30 MHz
Operating voltage range: 10.5-16.5 V DC (voltage must be in 13.8-15V if need 20W)
Talking range: Max 4000km+, min 500-600km (affected by topography)
Transmission frequency: All amateur bands in the range of 1.8 to 29.999 MHz plus 60 meters in USA
Receive current draw: 500mA
Transmit current draw: 8A max.
Operating temperature range: -10℃ ~ +50℃
Frequency stability: ± 10 ppm after warm-up
Size of the machine: 4.75" x 1.75" x 8.25" (main body without handles)
Machine weight: Around 1 kg
Antenna Socket: SL16-K type, impedance 50 Ω



0.5~1.79999MHz / 10uV
1.8~1.9999MHz 0.35uV 10uV
2.0~27.9999MHz 0.25uV 2uV
28~30MHz 0.25uV 2uV

(PRE=on,ATT=off,NB=off,NR=off,SSB/CW/AM = 10dB S/N,FM = 12dB SINAD)

Recommended Accessories (not included in the package)
1. Xiegu CE-19 Expansion Port for easy PC connection
2. Radioddity G90-H1 Holder & Cooling Fan
3. Radioddity PAX100 100W Portable RF Amplifier
4. Xiegu GSOC Controller Panadapter/Data Terminal
5. Xiegu XPA125B 100W Power Amplifier
6. Radioddity G90-H2 Stand
7. Xiegu GNR1 Digital Audio Noise Filter

Package Content
1 x Xiegu G90 Transceiver
1 x Multi-function Microphone
1 x Firmware Cable
1 x Power Cable
1 x DB-9 Remote head cable
1 x Operation Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Certificate
2 x Fixed Stud
1 x Hexagon Screwdriver
4 x Front and rear extension handles

What did our customers say?
I use it out in the desert with an off-center fed dipole antenna and so far the longest contact was 6620 miles on 20 meter SSB.

Xiegu G90 Detailed Review



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