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Amateur Radio Book Sharing - Holiday Season


Do you have any ham radio books that are no longer used (antenna books, current study guides and other ARRL books covering different aspects of Amateur Radio)? We beg you have if you’re with a General or Extra class license. Do you want to exchange it for a new radio? It’s the time!

A: What and how many radios/rewards will I possibly get?
- Analog Radio | We recommend Radioddity GS-5B per person
- Digital Radio | We recommend Baofeng DM-1701 per person
- License-free Radio | We recommend Radioddity FS-T2 per person
- Emergency Radio | We recommend Raddy SW3 Emergency Radio per person
- Radioddity Ham Mug per person
- Any other radio/accessory we have (depends on our inventory) per person
- It would be much appreciated if you don't need a reward, we'll send you a Gift Card per person.

The quantity will depend on how many people involved.

Q: What will my books be used for?
A: Your books will be sent to the newcomers to the Amateur Radio Service, either helping them passing the license test or mastering more knowledge of amateur radio.

Q: How to process?
A: We’ll see how many books we can collect first, based on which we’ll make giveaways for people who need a certain book. Winners will be picked at random.

Q: Who would send the books to the winners?
A: Yourself. Due to the international shipping fee is super costly. We aren’t able to collect all the books and we need your help to send the book to the selected winner. We’ll share you with the winner’s shipping info.

Q: Okay. What can I get?
A: In return, those sharing with others will get free radio rewards from Radioddity. For those new to the ham world, they will receive books on areas of Amateur Radio they have an interest in, while being welcomed into the ham community. Indeed, it's the true ham radio spirit!

Q: How to redeem a reward as a book sharer?
A: When the book is shipped, and you provide the tracking information to Radioddity, your reward will be processed for shipment.

Q: What about different counttries?
A: We'll try our best to help match the right peroson & requirepemt for your book in the same country.

Q: What if my book isn't selected to send?
A: We thank you for your time and joining in. As apprecaition, we'll send you a $10 giftcard.

Q: I want to share a book! How to join in?
A: Please help fill the following form about your detailed book info. ↓↓↓
We appreciate your time and we will try our best to help you find suitable people. If you have 2 books, please submit twice, 1 book each.

or CLICK THE LINK if the form is not shown


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