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How to Update Radioddity GM-30 Firmware?

The Radioddity GM-30 is the latest GMRS radio with many features including 5W high power, UHF & VHF scanner, front-panel programming, sync display, type-C USB charging, VOX, etc. According to the feedback provided by the previous customers, we've made some firmware & software update to make this radio better and more stable. Be free to update it if you get this radio before March 18, 2021. Update guide as follow.

CLICK HERE to download the lastest firmware & software.

Update Diary
1. Front-panel wide/narrow band programmable (except for channels 8-14).
2. More stable performace.

How to Update?
Open the GM-30 Firmware Update Folder


Open the Radioddity GM-30 v1.05 en



Open Device Manager to determine com port number and select it using the highlighted field in the Radioddity GM-30 V1.05 App



1. Plug the programming cable into the computer and radio
2. Press and hold the PTT + LED key, then turn the radio on

3. Program >>Communication Port

4. Program >>Tool

5. Select GM30_APP_20210306.bin



6. Click Download in the Downloader app, and wait for 100%.

7. Turn the radio off, remove the programming cable

8. Turn the radio back on and select Menu Option 40 and follow through to Reset the radio

The Bandwidth corrected


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